How Often Should Pressure Washing be Included in Your Commercial Property Maintenance?

To maintain its value, a commercial property often requires a comprehensive pressure wash. It may seem like an unnecessary or mundane topic, but it can benefit your business in several ways. The results can help encourage business growth, improve employee morale, and create an overall better aesthetic. The first thing your customer or visitor sees [Read More…]

Pressure Washer Advice – What To Do If Your Pressure Washer Has No Pressure!

If your power washer is not spraying water at high pressure, the first and most obvious thing to check is the water supply going into the machine. Most washers require a continuous water supply of about 4L per minute to operate normally. Many pressure washer manufacturers recommend using a ¾” diameter hose instead of the [Read More…]

Spring On It Promotion – Get NO INTEREST Financing for 12 months! And an Additional 10% Off On Select Pressure Washers!

From golf courses to car dealerships, manufacturing, food processing, heavy equipment, transportation to fleets, every business needs a pressure washer. We invite you to experience the difference with Landa Karcher Group industrial pressure washers and accessories! Let Pressure Spray Inc. (PSI) help you discover what makes Landa Karcher Group one of the most trusted names [Read More…]

Learn Which Detergents and Degreasers To Use With Your Pressure Washer to Get the Best Cleaning Results!

The following webinar will help you to learn the best pressure washer chemicals to use when you are dealing with inorganic and organic soils or a mixture of both. The webinar also explains how to get the best clean when working with hard and soft porous and nonporous surfaces. Lastly the webinar explains the effects [Read More…]

Tips On How To Boost Your Results When Pressure Washing Semis, Construction Equipment, Farm Equipment, and Transportation Vehicles

Cincinnati businesses use detergents with their pressure washers when cleaning their fleets because it helps them to achieve better results and saves them time and money. The following are some questions you need to ask yourself before using a detergent with your pressure washer… Is the Detergent Pressure Washer Approved? Non-approved cleaning solutions can be [Read More…]

View a Great Solution for Professionally Cleaning Construction Equipment, Fleet Vehicles, Boats, and Farm Equipment! See Video…

Pressure Spray, Inc. is a certified dealer for Mosmatic Professional High Pressure Cleaning products. Mosmatic’s surface cleaners set the standard for commercial and industrial cleaning industries. Some common cleaning surfaces they clean are concrete, wood, and flagstone. They also offer graffiti-removal and gum removal solutions for commercial and industrial projects. See the New Hurricane Pro [Read More…]

Clean Energy Waste Oil Heaters Series #3 – Easy Cleaning and Maintenance Makes Clean Energy Waste Oil Furnaces Different Than the Competition!

Clean Energy waste oil furnaces are designed to make cleaning a breeze. Check out the following videos to see just how easy it is to clean and maintain these heaters… Cleaning the Furnace This video shows how to perform a basic cleaning on a Clean Energy Heating Systems waste-oil furnace. Servicing the Pump This video [Read More…]

Clean Energy Waste Oil Heaters Series #2 – Why Their Heaters Use Stainless Steel Instead of Other Milder Steels

One of the main differences that sets a Clean Energy waste oil furnace apart from other waste oil furnaces is their use of precision-engineered, stainless steel heat exchangers. Clean Energy uses stainless steel because… Stainless Steel holds up better to high temperatures Stainless Steel transfers heat quicker than mild steel at the higher temperatures that exist inside [Read More…]

Clean Energy Waste Oil Heaters Series #1 – 3 Things That Make Clean Energy Waste Oil Furnaces Different

Vertical, Stainless Steel, Swedged Flue Tubes In a waste oil furnace, the flue tubes are very important. They’re designed to catch the little bit of ash created by burning used oil, and funnel it neatly into a collection pan. Clean Energy’s vertically-oriented tubes are an excellent mechanism that help keep your furnace tidy, and make [Read More…]

Save Up to 15% on a New Landa Pressure Washer. No Payment Until April 2017. Offer Ends October 31st

Save up to 15% on a new Landa Pressure Washer Today* *Eligible product(s) must be purchased by an end-user customer from a participating authorized Landa Kärcher Group dealer between September 1, 2016 and October 31, 2016 with a minimum $3,000 purchase for financing offer on approved credit. No documentation fee. Used or refurbished products are [Read More…]