Restaurant Pressure Washing Tips: How to Keep Your Restaurant It’s Cleanest

Where there’s grease, there’s fire so keeping a restaurant’s exhaust duct system clean is extremely important for the business and the safety of it’s customers. You can make sure the grease is removed the old fashioned way with buckets water, chemical cleaning products, gloves and a lot of effort or you can get a pressure washer [Read More…]

Guidelines for Cleaning Farm Equipment With a Power Washer and Our Most Popular Models for Farmers

Agricultural and farm machinery should be pressure washed over an unpaved area (ex. grass or gravel). Washing over unpaved surfaces allows soap filled water to soak into the ground to be filtered and eventually recharge the groundwater. You should wash your equipment no closer then 100 feet from the wellhead of a well. if you [Read More…]

Personal Safety Tips For Using a Pressure Washer Spray Gun

We have seen and heard of some serious accidents involving spray guns and pressure washers. All were avoidable if certain safety measures were taken before hand.  Spray Gun Personal Safety Tips… Only Use Approved Liquids – The spray gun of a pressure washer is design to handle clear water or water mixed with chemicals.  It [Read More…]

Buy One Select Landa Hot Water Pressure Washer & Get One Select Landa Cold Pressure Washer Free

BUY ONE Select Landa Hot Water Pressure Washer… PDHW5-35624E  |  PDHW5-35624E/G  |  PGHW5-35324E  |   PGHW4-40324E  |  PGDC5-35324E  |  MHC4-35324E GET ONE Select Landa PD Cold Water Pressure Washer Free… PD4-35324  |   PD3-27324  |  PD3-23327 + a Bonus Accessory! Offer Ends December 15, 2014 >> Download The Flyer Contact us (513.874.4484) for more information! — Pressure Spray Inc. (PSI) has been serving Greater Cincinnati, [Read More…]

Buy a Landa PGHW Pressure Washer by the End August and Get a Surface Cleaner for $150 (a savings of $650!)

While product supply lasts, Landa is offering a 21 inch surface cleaner for $150 when you purchase a Landa PGHW pressure washer by the end of August 2014. If you want just the 21 inch Surface Cleaner, we have them in stock for a cost of $500 (Normal Cost is $800). Landa PGHW Pressure Washer For [Read More…]

FEATURED WORK: Old Mi-T-M Pressure Washer Saved by The PSI Service Team! See Pictures…

The Situation A rental yard company brought over their old Mi-T-M pressure washer for service. It was really rough and they thought the coil was shot. Our Solution We keep old parts at our service center. We were able replace the clogged coil with a used coil we had at the service center. Results By having the parts this machine needed [Read More…]