4 Reasons Why Pressure Washing Your Fleet Makes Good Business Sense

As a Fleet owner we know your responsibilities involve improving productivity, driver retention and customer service. Issues that integrate fleet washing could help your company and its drivers excel in ways you never imagined. The following tips will help put your company’s best “foot” forward every time on of your fleet rolls out onto the open road…

A Well Kept Fleet Increases Driver Retention

Make sure you’re keeping your drivers content with a clean and comfortable fleet to help with retention and increase loyalty for years to come. A driver shortage in North America increases it is important for you to keep your driver satisfied. A well-kept fleet shows you care about their comfort. Remember that your drivers spend most of their time in their fleet vehicle.

Pressure Washing Makes Vehicles Last Longer and Look Better

Your fleet vehicles are the public face of your operation, so it’s important that they always look their best. Pressure washing semi-trucks, tractors, dump trucks, utility trucks, passenger vehicles, buses, and trailers is a must. Don’t forget about cleaning the engine, as this will promote a vehicle’s longevity. Make regular fleet pressure washing is a part of your maintenance routing.

Go Green to Avoid Fines

There are many detergents on the market that are biodegradable and creating water retention systems that utilize a customized pump and barriers will isolate and collect your water runoff as you wash your equipment. Let us know and we can point you in the right direction for both.

Boost Driver Morale While Promoting Your Brand

Pressure washing not only keeps your employees working with you company but it helps them enjoy working for you. Employees enjoy and take pride in a shiny and polished vehicle. Clean and attractive vehicles not only boost employee morale, they give customers and partners trust in your company’s attention to detail. Noisy exhausts, rust, and corrosion on a vehicle will signal that your fleet is old and poorly maintained. If you are neglecting your assets are you also neglecting what’s inside them? Customers, Partners, and Employees will think so.

Pressure Spray, Inc. (PSI) can provide you with any pressure washer, accessory, or chemical that you need to clean your fleet! 

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