Advice For Those Who Want To Start A Pressure Washing Service Business…

Naturally we work with a bunch of Pressure Washing Companies who do the actual pressure washing work. We help them to pick the right pressure washers for their businesses and then service their washers to keep them working their best as long as possible. It’s not as easy as just going out and buying the best pressure washer available and then opening your pressure washing business. You will want to think about the following…

You Need to Be Able to Pressure Wash Like a Pro on Day One

Get experience so you can not only clean the driveway well but so you do not damage the flower beds and have debris flying all over the property. And by getting this experience you will find out if you love or hate power cleaning. If you hate it why would start a business doing it? You can rent a pressure washer for a week and use it every day to clean your driveways, fence, house siding, car, boat, lawnmower, garbage bin, grill, patio furniture, deck, and patio. Doing this will give you a foundation of how to learn to clean the more difficult surfaces like a driveway and wood deck. Also you could go to work for a pressure washing services company to see how you like it.

Can Your Pressure Washing Business Make a Profit?


Figure out if your power washer business can make a profit and then how quickly. Working in these main expenditures among others….


    • power washing gear
    • insurance cost
    • business permits
    • contractor license


You will need ads, pamphlets, flyers, and a website.


How much for transportation, gasoline and the purchase of a truck or a van.

Statistics say at a very minimum starting price you are looking at about $7,500.00 to get started.


What price will you charge? It has to be high enough to make a profit and low enough to be competitive. Find out what the going rate is in your area. How many customers will it take to make a profit at the going rate? Can you stay afloat until you get that many customers? 

Your Need To Keep It Legal and Stay Out of Trouble

Make sure to know the ins and outs of pressure washing business permits, licenses, insurance, and pressure washing association requirements, etc. You should go to a lawyer and do your own due diligence to ensure you have affairs in order to start a pressure washing business. You will have to contact your local state, county, and city to find out the requirements of your area. It varies widely state by state. The following are a must for your pressure washing business…

  • Licensing – Business license from the state
  • Taxes – Sales tax registration with IRS
  • Bonded – You will need to pay a bond before you can get a license to operate a pressure washing business in your area
  • Permits – Some states require an environmental permit because you are discharging water to a storm drain. You may need a contractor permit You will have to call your city to see if your area requires one.
  • Insurance – Insurance, Liability to cover damage, Workers Compensation to cover injuries to you or your employees and Equipment insurance to cover damage if stolen
  • Associations – Join the voluntary pressure washing associations because it is good to be surrounded by a network. You can visit all online to choose which to join. They all have conferences yearly to network with others. The three associations are, United Association of Mobile Contract Cleaners UAMCC, Pressuring Washing Resouce Association PWRA and Power Washers of North America PWNA

Make Sure To Invest In Good Pressure Washing Equipment 

Yes the best gear is the most expensive but it also acts to show you are a serious business person. It gives your customers confidence if you arrive in a clean truck with a nice looking trailer with the company name and phone number on the side rather than a dirty van and a tiny plastic electric pressure worker. Another advantage of good equipment is it is easier to do the job right and fast. Business is as much perception as it is about quality. First impressions matter a lot. Driving around in a nice truck with your pressure washing equipment firmly attached and you have a phone number on the side you will get calls. Driving around in a Honda Civic with the same sign you will not get calls. Good gear gives you trust and authority. You make yourself a trustworthy authority by getting good gear. Good gear also save you money in the long-term. Cheap things end up costing more due to maintenance and replacement cost.

You Will Need To Finding Customers Fast

The secret to getting new customers is getting their attention and then giving them interest and desire to pay for your service. There are so many marketing techniques we will give just a few suggestions. But check out a few successful pressure washing business in other states and see what is working for them. You do not want to copy your local competitor. Wear clothing that advertises your company not only will your customers know who is knocking at their door but wherever you go people will see your company name and phone number. Also, put out a yard sign while you’re working at a property. Have business cards easily accessible so you can easily hand a business card out “quickly”. Try door hangers (go door to door to hang them)… Your website and services need to be found on the first 2 pages of Google results to get calls and your Internet Presence needs educate prospective customers about your services in a very simple way. Starting pricing is a good idea on your web pages and if your site looks like it was created by your nephew who is still in college, people are just going to go to the next site. Make sure you are using social media to get the word out. This is where many homeowners ask for reviews of your work and such. Make sure to show your work on on your website. Don’t just say you have great customer service. Customers want their problem solved QUICK and they want it done right at a fair price. 

We’ll Be Here To Get You Setup and Service Your Equipment, If You Decide to Jump Into The Pressure Washing Business!

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