When You Calculate the Time Your Technicians Spend Cleaning Parts a Parts Washer Just Makes Sense!

Parts WasherLabor Cost Savings

Industrial parts washers save labor and increase profits for concrete businesses, farmers, golf courses, manufacturers, municipalities, transportation businesses and any other business that requires mechanics to clean dirty part to keep their operation working. Parts washers are a fully automated, cost effective solution that prevents some of your highest paid technicians from having to wash parts by hand which wastes one of your most valuable resources…TIME. Let the parts washer do the dirty work so you can maximize your revenue and free your technicians to do what they do best.

The national average for washing parts is one-half hour per day for every technician. Most repair shops charge $65 to $150 per hour for a technician’s services. That means that a half hour of cleaning parts could be costing your business $30 to $75 per day—or $7,800 to $19,500 per year —in billable repair time that’s not being used (based on 260 work days per year or 2,080 hours). You can readily see that it doesn’t take long to recoup the total cost of an industrial parts washer in the additional revenue you can generate with a Cuda.

Safety and Morale

Using parts washers in your business will demonstrate your concern for your employees safety and health since you will be providing them with a non-flammable, non-toxic, environmentally friendly alternative to dangerous petroleum-based solvents. Also your most skilled technicians will be able to concentrate on challenges only they overcome instead of laboring over a sink.  The better the morale, the better the work.  The better the work, the higher the profits. It just makes sense. 

Easy to Use

Parts washers are a completely automated, solvent-free solution to cleaning very dirty parts and are as easy to use as a kitchen dishwasher. You  load the dirty parts in the cabinet, set the timer, and close the door. It’s that simple.

Are you interested in what kind of savings you could expect from using parts washers in your business? Let us create a parts washer solution for you.

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