FEATURED WORK: Old Mi-T-M Pressure Washer Saved by The PSI Service Team! See Pictures…

Original Condition (click to view larger)

Original Condition (click to view larger)

The Situation

A rental yard company brought over their old Mi-T-M pressure washer for service. It was really rough and they thought the coil was shot.

Our Solution

We keep old parts at our service center. We were able replace the clogged coil with a used coil we had at the service center.


By having the parts this machine needed on hand we saved the customer hundreds of dollars as well as a ton of time. If we would have had to order a new coil,  it would have taken weeks to fix.

Back in Service (click to view larger)

Back in Service (click to view larger)

PSI Service and Support

We service all makes of pressure washers and parts washers, including Landa, Delco, Sioux, Alkota, Karcher and Hotsy products.

Customer Installations / Solutions

You Never Know Unless You Ask! We can develop a power washing solution that gets your equipment working for you! Our Solutions save our clients time, headaches, and money!

An example of one of our customer installs…

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