Water Treatment Solutions – How Wash Water Recycling and Wastewater Evaporators Can Help Your Bottom-line…

The reuse of water has grown dramatically in all parts of our country, not just the sunbelt, since the early 1990’s, especially in the industrial sector. The following are some important areas where water reuse has gained acceptance… Grey-water – Individual onsite reuse of grey-water Irrigation –  Cities are successfully touting the “green” benefits of water resulting in communities [Read More…]

On-Site Waste Water Treatment: A Savings Solution for Companies Who Pressure Clean Often

Waste Water Systems recycle and treat the water used during pressure cleaning, saving the the cost of using new water for each application. Waste Water Systems also help your company do what is right environmentally resource-wise. The follow industries require usually require major cleaning and water treatment applications… Golf and Turf –  Golf courses, universities, landscape companies, cemeteries, sod farms, [Read More…]

Wastewater Recycling and Treatment for the Golf and Turf Industry

Over the years, Pressure Spray, Inc. has created water recycling and treatment system solutions for every major cleaning and water treatment application including Golf and Turf, Heavy Equipment Manufacturing, Marina & Shipping, Metal Finishing, and Trucking & Transportation. Our suppliers are also constantly refining their equipment, technology and accessories to produce even more effective water treatment solutions. There are many golf and turf industry facilities [Read More…]