Cincinnati Waste Water Systems – Bioremediation is an Effective Way to Treat Industrial Waste Water

CLB2 (1)Waste water equipment employs the latest bio-technology for treating and recycling a broad range of commercial and industrial wastewater, including golf and turf applications where there’s a high organic content in the waste stream. Wastewater treatment systems are automated and require very little maintenance.

Filtration vs. Bioremediation

Filtration systems  can create hazardous sludge where the a bioremediation system naturally converts oil, grease,  and other organic contaminants common to wash water into harmless water and carbon dioxide.

Pressure Spray, Inc. and Water Maze

Pressure Spray, Inc. sells and supports Water Maze’s full line of water treatment and recycling systems. These systems perform the following applications…

  • Electro-Coagulation – EC
  • Chemical Treatment – CoAG
  • Bioremediation
  • Wastewater Evaporation
  • & More

Pressure Spray, Inc. can provide you with wastewater equipment from Water Maze.

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