Clean Energy Waste Oil Heaters Series #1 – 3 Things That Make Clean Energy Waste Oil Furnaces Different

CleanEnergy Waste Oil Heating SystemsVertical, Stainless Steel, Swedged Flue Tubes

In a waste oil furnace, the flue tubes are very important. They’re designed to catch the little bit of ash created by burning used oil, and funnel it neatly into a collection pan. Clean Energy’s vertically-oriented tubes are an excellent mechanism that help keep your furnace tidy, and make it super easy to clean. When the tubes are vertical, instead of horizontal like in other furnaces, the ash falls easily away and clean-out is a breeze. Clean Energy’s flue tubes are swedged – not welded – to prevent cracking as the metal expands and contracts as the temperature inside the furnace changes. In addition, hot air is forced down the tubes therefore reducing stack temperature.

Stainless Steel Components

Clean Energy designed their waste oil furnaces to outlast the competition. That’s why they use high-quality stainless steel for critical components like their combustion chamber and flue tubes. This durable metal is resistant to rust and corrosion, and will ensure a long life cycle for your furnace. Even better, at higher temperatures stainless steel transfers heat quicker than mild steel. This means more efficient heating for your facility.

Digital Burner Controls

Most waste oil furnaces on the market require the operator to input manual adjustments and leave room for human error. All of Clean Energy’s products come standard with digital burner controls. These precise controls mean that your furnace will fire up every single time and will always maintain the level you set it at. Best of all, in conjunction with Clean Energy’s Wifi thermostat, firing up your furnace is as easy as tapping the screen of your smartphone.

Clean Energy Waste Oil Heaters Series Posts

Pressure Spray, Inc. & Clean Energy

Waste Oil Heating solutions are a natural fit for Cincinnati Automotive Dealerships, Trucking Companies, and all sorts of Agricultural businesses that generate large amounts of used oil products. You can mix crankcase oil, waste oil, #2 heating oil, transmission oil, or hydraulic oil together in your waste oil furnace to create heat for your business. Pressure Spray, Inc. sells and supports CleanEnergy’s full line of waste oil heaters and boilers.

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