Clean Energy Waste Oil Heaters Series #3 – Easy Cleaning and Maintenance Makes Clean Energy Waste Oil Furnaces Different Than the Competition!

CleanEnergy Waste Oil Heating Systems

Clean Energy waste oil furnaces are designed to make cleaning a breeze. Check out the following videos to see just how easy it is to clean and maintain these heaters…

Cleaning the Furnace

This video shows how to perform a basic cleaning on a Clean Energy Heating Systems waste-oil furnace.

Servicing the Pump

This video demonstrates how to clean the pump on a Clean Energy Heating Systems waste oil furnace.

Servicing the Burner

This video will show you how to clean and service the burner on a Clean Energy Heating Systems waste-oil furnace.

Installing the Furnace

This video gives an overview of basic installation of a Clean Energy Heating Systems waste-oil furnace.

Clean Energy Waste Oil Heaters Series Posts

Pressure Spray, Inc. & Clean Energy

Waste Oil Heating solutions are a natural fit for Cincinnati Automotive Dealerships, Trucking Companies, and all sorts of Agricultural businesses that generate large amounts of used oil products. You can mix crankcase oil, waste oil, #2 heating oil, transmission oil, or hydraulic oil together in your waste oil furnace to create heat for your business. Pressure Spray, Inc. sells and supports CleanEnergy’s full line of waste oil heaters and boilers.

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