Fleet Washing Myths and Facts That Will Help You Keep Your Fleet in Good Shape…

Dirty Fleet vehicles could hurt your business . When you’re concerned about your drivers reaching their next destination and overall retention rates, fleet washing might be one of the last things on your mind unless you’re preparing for an inspection. You will be better equipped to protect the company’s image and investment if you know the truth about mobile fleet washing.

Are Dirty Trucks Just As Efficient as Clean Trucks?

Fact: Engineer Tom Wagner Jr. reporter wrote an article that stated that his car was more fuel-efficient after he washed it. People driving the dirty car myth argue that the grimy coating improves aerodynamics, much like the effect of dimples on golf balls. Those tiny divots disrupt air particles as they flow across a golf ball, reducing wind resistance — also known as drag — and sending it sailing 37 percent farther than a smooth ball would travel. But randomly distributed dirt particles do just the opposite on cars, creating more drag as air particles cling onto the grime. According to MythBuster calculations, that filth effect cuts fuel economy by around 10 percent.

Is Truck Washing a Waste of Time That Nobody Cares About?

Fact: You want the public to have a positive perception of your business. When you run a business, the details matter. It is important to remember that your fleet is the public face of your operations that hundreds of people see every day. When you have clean vehicles, the public will have a more positive outlook of your brand.

Is Truck Washing Only a Cosmetic Fix?

Fact: Washing a truck is not like putting on makeup. Company image, regulations, easier maintenance and warranty issues influence the decision for fleet washing. Public perception is probably the single most motivating factor for fleet washing. As vehicles make their way from point A to point B, they accumulate road salt, pollutants and contaminants from acid rain that corrode its components. Some national transportation companies wash as often as two times per week or more. The average fleet owner washes approximately every other week. Regular power washing not only makes a vehicle look professional, it also reduces maintenance and repair costs, helps protect the company’s investment, improves driver visibility, and makes a truck easier for other drivers on the road to see.

Is It Cheaper for Drivers to Wash The Vehicles?

Fact: If you have never had a wash service and “do it yourself” then consider the cost and savings that comes from increased productivity. Consider a driver that is paid 17.00 per hour and that driver spends approximately 30 minutes to wash a tractor. This would cost you 10.00 including payroll taxes. Add in the expense of soaps and chemicals, which cost about $3 to $5 a gallon. Remember that a truck driver is not concerned with the use of soap and will probably use about 1/2 gallon to do a tractor. When you calculate the costs related to purchasing and maintaining power washing equipment, training drivers to use it safely, and the time it takes a driver to wash a truck, you might find that washing the vehicles in-house results in financial losses. Truck washing bays and mobile fleet washing services eliminate expensive overhead and hidden costs. Because professionals wash trucks quickly, the downtime is minimal, saving you even more money.

Is Power Washing Something Drivers are Happy To Do?

Fact: Drivers do not want to work during their breaks or free time. The time a driver spends washing a truck during a break is time that he or she does not spend recharging, which can compromise safety and hurt worker morale. It is more cost-effective to keep the drivers in your workforce content than to interview, hire and train a new one. Driver shortages have been a hot topic among fleet managers and across the transportation industry. One of most important lessons that transportation managers have learned is that drivers don’t leave their jobs. They leave their working conditions. By implementing practices that create a positive work culture and make drivers feel valued for their contributions, you’ll reduce employee turnover rates and maximize the company’s full potential. Provide your drivers with a positive workplace environment and comfortable driving conditions that include fleet washing and detailing services and power washing services give drivers the best of both worlds—a clean vehicle and a chance to relax. In fact a large transportation company, that had over 600 drivers and 1,000 trailers, told us the main reason they wash their fletts with a 3rd party service is to keep their drivers happy so they do not quit. Workers want to take pride in companies they work for and the vehicles they drive. When you make the truck-washing task simpler, you will take strides in greatly improving driver retention rates and happiness. In an age where driver shortages are a harsh reality, using truck washing as a retention tool is well worth the cost.

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