Frequently Asked Questions About Waste Oil Heaters And How They Can Benefit The Bottom-line of Your Business…

On one hand, waste oils are a burden on the environment when not properly handled. On the other hand, these products have unused energy potential. They can be hauled away and sold as fuel, at a cost. Or they can be burned to produce heat. Any business that generates its own used petroleum fluids can reap the rewards of waste oil heating. If you do not generate enough you can buy used oil from brokers at a very reasonable rate. A few businesses that benefit from waste oil heating are car and truck dealerships, vehicle service centers, machine repair ships, agricultural operation, corporations with fleets of vehicles, and car washes. Waste Oil Heaters are U.L. approved to burn motor oil, transmission fluid, hydraulic fluid, diesel, and fuel oil. Water and anti-freeze do not burn and separate naturally to the lower part of the oil tank. All business that creates used oil in their day to day operations shares similar challenges. Because of the waste oil heater, it is now possible to create clean, safe free heat for your home or business. The following gives you the benefits of using a waste oil heaters and answers from frequently asked questions… 

Eliminate The Risk Of Disposing of Waste Oil

If you have petroleum products that you must dispose of and even hire someone else to do the job of getting rid of it you can still be held responsible for all the laws involved in responsible disposal.

Save Money By Using Something You Basically Through Away

Used petroleum is essentially worthless why not turn them into free heat. Waste Oil furnaces convert used oil into safe clean, free heat and make practical financial sense.

Your Part To Help The Environment

Do your part. With increasing public awareness of eco-friendly technology companies that address environmental issues have a distinct advantage. So taking the initiative to install a clean energy heating system waste oil burner, will demonstrate your commitment to our environment.

Advice For Where To Place Your Waste Oil Heater…

As you consider where you might place a waste oil heater in your building, be sure to choose a location that will not obstruct shop personnel or equipment. And be sure to seek out a location where the warm air from the burner can be evenly distributed. Prioritize safety by making sure the space that your waste oil burner will occupy is easily accessible for maintenance and servicing. Also, be aware that the installation of your waste oil furnace must comply with all local codes and regulations. If you are using ductwork, where you can run your ducts is an important consideration. You also need to decide where to install your chimney and oil tank.

Pressure Spay, Inc’s Waste Oil Heating Solutions

CleanEnergy Waste Oil Heating SystemsWaste Oil Heating solutions are a natural fit for Cincinnati Automotive Dealerships, Trucking Companies, and all sorts of Agricultural businesses that generate large amounts of used oil products. You can mix crankcase oil, waste oil, #2 heating oil, transmission oil, or hydraulic oil together in your waste oil furnace to create heat for your business. We sell and support CleanEnergy’s full line of waste oil heaters and boilers.

CleanEnergy Product Line

Why CleanEnergy Waste Oil Heaters

  • Stainless steel heat exchanger – Eliminates rust
  • Longer intervals between Servicing – Vertical flue tubes (1,000+ hours)
  • More Heat – High velocity air swept heat exchanger
  • Easy Cleaning – Over center latches on doors
  • Easy to Install –  Metering pump that is pre-assembled, vacuum-tested
  • Reliable Operation – Digital, programmable burner control

CleanEnergy Heating Systems researches, tests, and pushes the limits of technology. They build high-quality waste oil furnaces that will save you money. Their waste oil furnaces are more innovative, more efficient and easier to service than any other. And they even heat up your bottom line by taking used oil products out of your waste stream and turning them into clean, safe, FREE heat for your business.
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