Graffiti Removal Tips – Using Techniques, Chemicals, and Pressure Washers to Remove Graffiti

Graffiti Removal with Pressure WasherUse a Pressure Washer

Removing graffiti can be exhausting and time-consuming so make it as easy as possible by using a pressure washer. It’s a good idea to use a test area to make sure you’re using the appropriate amount of pressure so you don’t create any further damage to your surface. Make sure to use different types of spray pattern so you don’t etch any paint into the surface that you are cleaning. Be especially careful with older masonry surfaces that can crumble.

Use a Low PSI for Graffiti Removal Chemicals

Use water pressure alone to remove graffiti when possible so that you reduce wear and tear on your building. Use garrit removal chemicals on stubborn layers of paint.  Use 80 PSI or so because the low PSI will deliver the graffiti removal product best to the surface you are trying to clean where a higher PSI could drive the graffiti removal chemicals deep into the masonry and cause staining.

Use Steep Angles for Best Removal Results

Direct the pressure washer spray at a steep angle towards the surface you are cleaning by keeping your spray wand up close to the wall. This will help chip and peel away the graffiti. Don’t spray the graffiti straight on and push the paint deep into the surface you are try to protect.

Removal Chemicals Work Wonders


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