How to Choose the Proper High Pressure Cleaner Heads To Clean Your Tanker Trucks

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Information to Consider Prior to Ordering High-Pressure Cleaning Heads For Your Tanker Truck.

The high pressure cleaning heads are comprised of a tubular body whose one end may be connected to a hose. The other end of the head consists of nozzles with holes that let out a sharp jet of water. The heads are mostly hemispheric allowing a wide angle for cleaning. The dual cleaning action of the revolving/rotating head, powered by the reaction force of the high-pressure water jets, provides complete, 360° interior coverage of your tank or reactor.  It is this part of the head that consists of the nozzles. The heads can be swung angularly to allow the water jet to reach all parts of the container. This allows the user to be positioned in a comfortable position. These high pressure cleaning heads are specifically customized for tanker trucks. 

Before ordering high pressure cleaning heads for tanker trucks, you need to take a few things into consideration:  the size of the truck, the substance in the tank to be cleaned, size of the access and the horsepower, gallons per minute and pressure per square inch of the pressure washer the cleaning head is to be used with.

Various Heads Are Available For Pressure Washers. Which is Best For Your Project?

There are a variety of pressure washers used to provide different types of tanker truck cleaning solutions. The heads are designed to clean tanker trucks whose container’s diameter is or can be a maximum of 15’. Some are made of silicon bronze but most are made of stainless steel.  Either hot or cold water can be used. They are available with self spinning heads to provide faster and better cleaning. The speed in which these heads spin depends on the pressure of water. There are some heads that spin 360° in both vertical and horizontal planes. This provides the thorough cleaning of tanker trucks as it covers the whole interior in one single cycle. There are bearings inside the head that allow it to spin smoothly and some are even self lubricating. Various heads are available for large, medium, and small sized tanker trucks. The tankers can either have open or closed containers. There are heads available to fit through an access area as small as 3 inches.

How to Determine the PSI and GPM Needed to Pressure Wash Your Tanker Truck

The PSI of your pressure washer matters more than you think. On the low end are pressure washers with a 1,000 -2,000 PSI. These washers are good for most typical residential jobs. For professional grade models, power washers with 3000-3900 PSI will get most professional jobs done. PSI isn’t the only rating to look for when deciding on a pressure washer. The Gallons Per Minute rating, or GPM, is also important. The higher the GPM, the faster the pressure washer will work. Two pressure washers may have the same PSI, but the one with a higher GPM will get the job done faster. This can save you time, as well as gas or electricity. For large tanker truck cleaning, you need power washer heads with maximum PSI up to 3000 and the gallons per minute varying from 52.8 to 2.1. The maximum temperature these heads can withstand is 194°F. The outlets of these heads have small nozzles (maximum four) that allow water to flow in pressure. The smaller the nozzles, the more pressure. The heads are available with a variety of sizes to suit the customer’s needs. The inlet from the hose is either 1” or ½”. Some of these serve the purpose of both open and closed containers. There are other heads with lower maximum PSI up to 435. Some of the heads may require lubrication from time to time while others need none. The type of lubrication required could be either oil or wash fluid lubrication. These heads are best used for cleaning tanker trunks used for carrying chemicals, beverages, pharmaceutical products, and food processing material.

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