Landa MHC Video Series – #1 This Mobile-Hot-Compact Pressure Washer is Portable and Stable with a Large Fuel Tank

Landa’s MHC is a great solution for those looking to clean in a variety of ways. Facilities managers might have to clean a spill indoors, such as on a shop floor, and then immediately go outside and clean an oil stain in a parking lot. Fleet managers and municipalities will love the flexibility that the Landa MHC provides.


The Landa MHC comes in a 29″ wide frame allowing it to easily move through doorways inside the facility. Its 13-inch pneumatic tires allow the unit to travel over uneven terrain very quickly, very easily, and requires only one operator.

Large Fuel Tank

This particular model of the Landa’s MHC lineup comes equipped with a 10-gallon fuel tank, allowing for a long day of operation without having to stop.

Low Center of Gravity Keeps the Machine Stable and Efficient 

The horizontal coil creates a lower center of gravity. When you are moving the unit indoors or outdoors, through doorways or over uneven terrain, you don’t have a top-heavy type of unit. The other advantage to a horizontal coil is it allows an efficiency of heating.

Can Be Used As a Cold Water Pressure Washer

You can switch on and off the burner allowing you to switch easily between hot water or cold water applications.

The next post in this series will explain the pump and why it’s probably the most important part of your pressure washer.

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Landa MHC Series Details

MHCThe MHC is the most rugged, gasoline-powered, hot water, on-site cleaning machine on wheels featuring a blend of quality, safety, serviceability, and extra stability. There are six models to chose from: three models feature an electric start and three utilize Landa’s proprietary Super Duty Regulator (SDR) which allows the machine to operate completely without a battery or megneto system. From the heavy-duty Landa pump and energy efficient 12 volt burner to the single-piece welded steel and legendary Landa heating coil, the MHC is built to last.


  • Up to 3.5 GPM, 3,500 PSI
  • Heavy-Duty Honda or Subaru Robin Engine
  • Direct-Drive Landa Pump with 7-year Warranty
  • Sch. 80 Heating Coil

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