Landa Pressure Washer Trailers Are a Great Mobile Cleaning Solution…

Our custom-mounted pressure washer trailers allow a single or dual-axle trailer to be paired with a self-contained gas or diesel-powered hot water pressure washer. A broad range of optional accessories, including hose reels and chrome coverings, can be added to improve your workflow and make your job easier. Landa pressure washer trailer models are certified [Read More…]

Pressure Washer Buying Guide – #1 Matching The Type of Pressure Washer To What You Need to Clean

Picking a pressure washer depends upon what you want to clean since you won’t want to overspend for power if you don’t need it. The following guide will help you know which pressure washer you need to buy for the applications you want to use it for, from stripping paint to washing windows.  Pressure Washers [Read More…]

Frequently Asked Questions About Waste Oil Heaters And How They Can Benefit The Bottom-line of Your Business…

On one hand, waste oils are a burden on the environment when not properly handled. On the other hand, these products have unused energy potential. They can be hauled away and sold as fuel, at a cost. Or they can be burned to produce heat. Any business that generates its own used petroleum fluids can [Read More…]

FEATURED WORK: Pressure Spray, Inc. Supplies HGC Construction With a New Pressure Washer and Helps Preserve Their Existing Fleet With Some Modifications

Pressure Spray Inc. (PSI) has been serving the construction industry in Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and Southeastern Indiana for over 30 years. We wanted to share some feature work with you to explain what we do here at Pressure Spray each and every day.  Situation HGC Construction had been buying rental yard cold water pressure [Read More…]

What to Think About Before Buying a Waste Oil Furnace – Does it Make Sense for Your Cincinnati Business?

Most auto dealerships, trucking companies, and agricultural business owners already know that investing in a waste oil furnace will help their bottom lines and the environment but they really need to think about how to configure their waste oil furnace before buying one! Which Parts of Your Facility Do You Want to Heat With Your [Read More…]

Is Infrared Heater Practical For My Small Garage or Workshop? See the Features and Benefits…

Most heaters made for space heating are going to use infrared technology to generate their heat. This is because infrared rays are much more effective at heating people and objects in an open area when compared to traditional convection heaters. Whether you have a small garage or shop space or a large manufacturing plant or [Read More…]

What is the Green Stuff On My Siding? How Did It Get There and How Do I Remove It?…

Algae may appear green or brown and will stay damp on your siding. Algae growth is more than an eyesore. It is actually airborne algae that can cause long-term damage to the surface. Algae may grow due to dirt and dust attached to your siding. The following will explain what this green stuff is, how [Read More…]

What Are The Black Streaks On My Roof and How Do I Get Rid of Them?

Gloeocapsa magma is a species of photosynthesizing bacteria. To most of us, it is simply known as algae and that is what you are seeing on your roof when you see black streaks. Algae is unsightly and ruins the aesthetics of your home. But in addition to not looking good, it can create lichens and [Read More…]

The Best Way To Remove Algae From Your Roof and Siding…

Roof stains or discoloration is caused by a type of algae that collects on all types of shingles. The algae will break down the life of your roof. The presence of algae is not only unattractive but can become a costly headache.  What are algae? Algae is an informal term for a large and diverse [Read More…]

The 7 Top Uses For a Power Washer Around Your Home or Business…

A pressure or power washer lets you clean spots and spaces you once thought were impossible to get. If you are on the fence about investing in a power washer, or you already use one, you might not know all of its best uses. A power washer can make your life easier and cleaner in [Read More…]