Owners and Operators Are Finding Out That They Can Save Money and Present a Better Image By Pressure Washing Their Own Fleets!

TransportationThe cleanliness of your truck or bus is a mobile advertisement for your company and its drivers. You need to let prospects and customers that you don’t cut corners and take care of the details, like keeping your equipment clean. It’s also a matter of maintaining the value of your fleet by extending their useful life. Dirt, debris, mud, and salt can form pockets of corrosion that can damage your vehicles. It make sense for you to own your own pressure washing equipment and to make it a process of your company to have a team or the drivers clean the vehicles. 

Pressure Washing Your Vehicles

After figuring out how much they are paying to get their vehicles washed, most owner operators see that it makes more sense to own their own pressure washing equipment and to clean their own fleet in house. To pressure wash a large trailer you’ll need pressure washing equipment with 2000 psi or more. Having the right heavy duty pressure washing equipment makes this big job possible, quicker, and efficient.

Tips For Washing Your Trailer

  • Spray the entire trailer
  • Go back to problem sections for more attention using soap
  • Rinse the problem sections
  • If you find heavy grease or oil on sections use a degreaser.
  • Soap a section and let it sit for a five or eight minutes. Don’t let it dry or it might streak.
  • Work from top to bottom with fresh water in the greased sections
  • Cleanup and properly store you equipment and chemicals for the next washing

Pressure Washing Tools That Help You Clean Your Fleet

  • A Telescoping Wand Extension – Don’t work on a ladder because it can be dangerous and will slow you down. Some wands can reach up to 24 feet in height and come with a trigger gun.
  • Flex Tubing Extensions – This comes in handy when cleaning awkward areas or cleaning underneath since the flex tubing can bend up to a 90-degree angle.

Pressure Spray, Inc. has everything you need to start pressure washing your fleet. We know what works. We’ve seen it all!

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