Power Washing Tips – How to Safely Use a Pressure Washer Spray Gun

We have seen and heard of some serious accidents involving spray guns and pressure washers. All were avoidable if certain safety measures were taken before hand. 

Spray Gun Personal Safety Tips…

  • Only Use Approved Liquids – The spray gun of a pressure washer is design to handle clear water or water mixed with chemicals.  It is not be be used with any other non-approved liquids. Never spray flammable liquids.
  • Protective Clothing  – Wear protective gloves and clothing when working with chemicals or a water temperatures over 140F. Do not wear open-toed shoes while pressure washing.Most importantly, always wear goggles when using a pressure washer or when in the vicinity of the equipment in use. The high-pressure spray can cause paint chips or other particles to become airborne.
  • Use Your Safety Lock – Always use the safety lock-off after using a power washer spray gun to prevent unintended operation by others
  • Don’t Force The Trigger – Don’t rig the trigger to remain in the open position because it can be very dangerous and can cause improper operation. Don’t use the spray gun if the valve does not close immediately after the trigger is released.
  • Storage Temperature – Store and transport the spray gun in temperatures above 32 F. Don’t allow the spray gun to freeze.
  • Before Use – Inspect the spray gun for leaks or damage before every use. Repair problems before using the spray gun.
  • Read Instructions First – Always read and follow the operator’s manual and all operating instructions.
  • Spray With Good Form – Assume a solid stance and firmly grasp the spray gun with both hands to avoid injury if the gun kicks back before squeezing the spray gun trigger.
  • Don’t Spray The Body – Never direct spray from the gun towards any part of your body or any other person.
  • Careful Around Electric – Use extreme caution when spraying near power lines, service feeds, and electrical meters. Keep the nozzle spray away from electrical wiring and windows.
  • Don’t Pull Hose – Never move the machine by pulling the hose.

Using common sense, gaining experience, and relying on your training are the best ways to stay safe!

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