Power Washing Tips for Public Works Departments Who Want to Keep Their Parks and Recreation Areas Clean

Community facilities enhance the lives of residents in numerous ways. Parks provide green space and are wonderful places for family and friend to enjoy summer afternoons. Family reunions, birthday parties, graduation parties and other milestone events are celebrated in local parks. Especially during the summer parents and kids head to playgrounds for special events. Organized sport leagues use the ball fields, bleachers and tennis courts. Recreational parks are used used heavily and may include walking trail and even dog parks. Recreation and Public Works department s of our local cities are busy with the upkeep of the resources their community enjoy. No one wants to go to a dirty park so power washing is one way to maintain the cleanliness and safety of recreational facilities. Following are a few ideas to focus upon for the recreation and public works departments…

Parking Lots

Parking lots can attract a host of debris – everything from discarded gum to cigarettes, oil drips from vehicles and stains from spilled coffee and food. When your parking lot doesn’t look well maintained, the park doesn’t look well maintained . On an semi-annual basis, perhaps a good pressure washing treatment of the lots by your department would be a good idea. This is a must-have for recreational departments.  


Shelters usually with concrete floors, are the host to many family and city functions. Using the pressure washer twice a year can significantly reduce the filth and germs and bacteria and everything else that is riddled on the surface like gum, food and craft debris left over from city functions. Normal wear and tear from foot traffic can also result in a dirty floor. Power washing shelters is a great way to keep them in tip-top shape for every party.


Grills are used by family after family. No one wants to show up for a BBQ and find a disgusting grill to use. Power washing these grills is a good practice for a better community cooking area that gets a lot of use.

Picnic Tables and Benches

Do not forget the picnic tables and benches. The grit and grime and other questionable things that accumulate can be simply removed with a pressure washer to make them inviting and attractive enough to eat and lounge on. Keeping these clean by pressure washing them twice a season.

Washrooms/Locker Rooms

The cement floors of a restroom area or locker room should be also cleaned very well. A mop sometimes is just not good enough for the job so you’ll need to pressure wash the floors twice a year.

Tennis and Basketball Courts

Pressure Washing tennis and basketball courts can keep them clean and safe, free from the buildup of chewing gum, candy, soda, and debris that accumulate on them. Growth of things like mildew, mold, and algae can make a court slippery and unsafe. A slippery court means slip and fall hazards. Keep your court clean and safe by power cleaning it at least 2 times a year.

Bleachers – Baseball/Soccer Fields

Bleachers can be a haven for scum buildup. Imagine all the caked up ketchup from hotdog mishaps and dried up ice cream from cone droppings. Cleaning bleachers with the pressure washer once or twice a season can keep these clean, and the home team cheering!

Playground Equipment

Pressure washing the playground equipment once a season is a great way to maintain them. Build up can result in slippery handles, etc. A clean playground is a safe playground. Many children swing on the swings, slide down the slide, climb across the monkey bars and spin around on the merry-go-round. But, when you look closer- think of all the germs that could be lurking within the fun zone.


Only pools constructed of plaster, exposed aggregate or concrete are strong enough to withstand the power of a pressure washer. A municipal swimming area gets lots of traffic, so safety is much more of a liability here. Algae, mildew and mold can begin to grow on the tile and cement that is surrounding your pools. That could make it more slippery than it already is from the water. Having a pressure washer for your pool department is a smart and safe idea.

Pressure Spray, Inc. supplies pressure washers to many municipalities in the Greater Cincinnati area to help them maintain their grounds, parks, and recreational areas.  We are more than happy to share our years of knowledge and experience with your public works department staff.

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