Pressure Spray, Inc. Helps Ohio Power Wash Outfit Their Trailer with Pressure Washing Equipment To Be Extremely Mobile and Efficient

The Situation

Ohio Power Wash needed a way to perform pressure washing services in a mobile and efficient way.

The Results

The solutions was an enclosed trailer that Pressure Spray, Inc. outfitted it with a 550 gallon water tank and a SLT-30324E which has large 8 GPM and 3000 PS capabilities. This model will allow Ohio Power Wash to run two pressure wash guns off the same pressure washer so that one of their staff can clean with detergent and high pressure while the other staff rinses behind him.

Drew Parramore and Todd George“We have used Pressure Spray Inc’s Solution on many jobs so far and are extremely impressed with how well it performs. This unit will clean gum off the cement in no time at all!”  – Drew Parramore and Todd George, Owners of Ohio Power Wash

Ohio Power WashAbout Ohio Power Wash

A local company specializing in professional washing of stone, concrete, pavers, decks, houses, and vehicle and equipment fleets. Located at 8604 Lytle Ferry Road in Waynesville, Ohio.
(937) 321-9764

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