FEATURED WORK: Pressure Spray, Inc. Supplies HGC Construction With a New Pressure Washer and Helps Preserve Their Existing Fleet With Some Modifications

Pressure WasherPressure Spray Inc. (PSI) has been serving the construction industry in Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and Southeastern Indiana for over 30 years. We wanted to share some feature work with you to explain what we do here at Pressure Spray each and every day. 


HGC Construction had been buying rental yard cold water pressure washers. They started coming to us for parts and ended up buying a new pressure washer from us because the pressure washers they were buying from the rental yard were heavily used abused before they received them.  That and some HGC’s guys had a tendency to leave the pressure washers running  when they weren’t being used.  This ruins the pump seals and check valves.

Our Solution

Pressure Spray, Inc. modified the new pressure washer that HGC bought and showed them how to modify the pressure washers they already owned.

The Results

The pressure washer is the best in their fleet and they now know how to modify their older washers to take in cold water and dump the bypass water which will help get a normal life out of their their pump seals and check valves.


“We are extremely pleased with the new pressure washer, it’s modifications, and how you showed us to modify our existing pressure washers to help them to run better. We’ll be back!” – Randy Lorenz, Maintenance Technician  HGC Construction

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