Pressure Washing Tips – How to Properly Pressure Spray Your Cincinnati Home and Siding

Pressure Wash Your HomePreparing Your Cincinnati Home for Pressure Washing

  1. Find your exterior power outlets if you are using an electric pressure washer and know where your outside water faucets are located. Make sure to have power cords and water hoses long enough to get all the way around your house.
  2. Close all windows and seal any small holes in the windowsills.
  3. Remove any shutters since this is a favorite place for spiders, wasps, and dirt to collect.
  4. Remember to spray outdoor lighting fixtures and mailboxes as you spray your home.
  5. Have some goggles and wet weather outerwear before you start your project

Pressure Wash Siding

Hot Water and Possible Damage to Your Vinyl Siding and Windows

Make sure not to use water over 120 degrees on your vinyl siding or you could see some buckling, shrinking, and warping occur to your siding. Water over 180 degrees can crack some kinds of windows, especially when it’s cold outside.

Make Sure to Keep Water from Getting Behind Your Siding

Make sure to use a low pressure (below 300 psi) washing unit when pressure washing your siding so you don’t overload your weep holes and get water behind your siding. Use a brush to remove any unwanted soil from the siding instead of using the pressure washer to do it. The less water on the siding, the better off you’ll be. Since you will be using a low pressure washing unit also use an antimicrobial cleaner to remove microbial infestations like mold, mildew and algae. If you want to remove oxidation, egg, or bat and wasp excrement, then you’ll need to use a sprayer with higher pressure.

Have the Right Equipment to Hit the High Spots Before You Start

Your washing wand will need to be long enough to hit the high areas of your home. To hit the high spots you’ll need a special nozzle that can shoot the chemicals high up like you need them and then you can use a 18-24 foot extension pole to rinse those surfaces.

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