Pressure Washing Tips – How to Use Detergents and Chemical Solutions with Your Pressure Washer

Landa DetergentsCincinnati businesses use detergents with their pressure washers because it helps them to achieve best results, while saving time and money. Most pressure washer detergents are environmentally friendly.

Is the Detergent Pressure Washer Approved?

Non-approved cleaning solutions can be bad for the environment and ruin your pressure washer and it’s seals, wands, hoses, pumps, and more.

Is Your Pressure Washer Designed to Automatically Inject Detergents?

If your pressure sprayer isn’t already equipped with the downstream chemical injector, the detergent will need to be applied using low pressure so that the detergent can adhere and clean the surface better.

Types of Detergents

Most pressure washer detergent blends contain an exclusive multi-metal corrosion inhibitor package designed so that the detergent protects your equipment as well as prevents flash rusting while cleaning. The detergents are also biodegradable with each including a special additive to prevent scale build up.

L-217 L-219 L9140 Citrus Degreaser
All Purpose Cleaners
All Purpose Cleaners with Versatility to Tackle the Toughest of Jobs.
More Information
Cleaners & Degreasers
LANDA’s Cleaners & Degreasers Power Away Grime and Grease.
More Information
Vehicle Cleaners
LANDA Vehicle Cleaners Cuts Away Dirt and Grime and Leaves a Shine.
More Information
Vehicle Specialty
LANDA’s Vehicle Specialty Detergents are Ideal for Car and Truck Wash.
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Super Nova L-220 L-215 hyperDrive
Aluminum Brighteners
LANDA’s Aluminum Brighteners are Designed for Cleaning Fleets, Trucks, and Trailers.
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Specialty Cleaners
LANDA’s Specialty Cleaners include Formulas for Concrete Cleaning to Coil Conditioning.
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Water Reclamation
LANDA’s Water Reclamation Detergents Engineered for Wash-Water Recycling.
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 Parts Detergents
LANDA’s Parts Washer Detergents are Formulated Especially for Aqueous Parts Washers.
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