Pressure Washing Tips – Winterizing Tips To Keep Your Pressure Washer Lasting Longer…

Extreme temperatures can be really hard on pressure washers and you want to follow these steps to keep you warranty in place. A little maintenance before winter sets in will allow make sure your equipment is ready for you the next time it’s needed. 

Step to Winterizing Your Pressure Washer For Storage or Use…

  1. Turn machine switch to STOP position.
  2. Turn off water supply. Detach and drain water supply hose.
  3. Detach and drain high pressure hose and pressure washer trigger gun.
  4. Have approximately 1 Gallon of a 50/50 auto antifreeze solution ready.
  5. Turn machine switch to MOTOR ON and pour antifreeze solution into float tank.
  6. Immerse detergent suction hose in a separate container filled with anti-freeze solution. Set detergent valve to a high position if unit has a control setting. This will only protect the detergent line freezing, not the entire pump.
  7. Allow antifreeze solution to emerge at machine outlet.
  8. Turn machine switch to STOP position.
  9. Drain any gas that may be in the tank since gas can gum up and obstruct the lines. Use a fuel stabilizer to store your gas in a gas can.

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