LanCom Wireless Remote

Lancom Wireless RemoteLANDA’s innovative LanCom wireless remote system is currently available as a factory installed option on the VHG, PHWS, VNG, EHW, and SEA pressure washer series. This wireless remote system gives the user the capability to control the pressure washer’s pump, burner, and detergent injection operations from up to 300 feet way. The wireless remote signal travels through building walls allowing the pressure washer to be controlled from another room or outside the building—saving energy by shutting down the unit w hen not in use. It also removes the hassle and cost associated with the installation of hard-wired remote stations and saves time with easy startup and shutdown of the unit from a remote washing area such as when washing at a site away from the main unit or from a ladder or scaffolding. The wireless remote for the VHG, PHWS and VNG pressure washer series controls the pump, burner and detergent injection. The wireless remote for the EHW and SEA pressure washer series controls the pump and detergent injection from one or two detergent sources, depending on the LanCom wireless remote option chosen.


  • Control Your Pressure Washer from 300 Feet Away
  • Save Energy, Time and Money
  • Control Pump, Burner and Detergent Injection from Two Sources


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