Graffiti Removers

TAGAWAY® and TAGINATOR® the Best Graffiti Removers Preferred by School Districts, Municipalities, Public Works Departments, Parcel Post Companies, Housing Authorities, Highway Authorities, Mass Transit Authorities, Trucking Companies and Contractors.

Taginator Tagaway

TAGINATOR® World’s Best Graffiti Remover sprayable liquid quickly dissolves graffiti. TAGINATOR® Graffiti Remover has a pleasant fresh and clean scent. TAGINATOR® Graffiti Remover soaks through graffiti into masonry surfaces. Deep rinse additive allows graffiti to be easily pressure rinsed out of masonry pores. TAGINATOR® Graffiti Remover will easily remove multi-layered graffiti or graffiti that has been painted over! TAGINATOR® Graffiti Remover is so effective the need to pre-coat masonry with sacrificial or permanent coatings is not necessary. TAGINATOR® Graffiti Remover is non-flammable and V.O.C. compliant.


  • Works on Brick, Cinder Block, Slate, Marble, Granite, Stucco, Terra Cotta, and many other surfaces!
  • Removes Spray Paint, Latex Paint, Enamel Paint, Lacquer, and more!

TAGAWAY® graffiti remover, removes graffiti from painted and smooth surfaces and won’t harm most plastics.TAGAWAY® graffiti remover is a water rinseable blend of biodegradable ingredients that make it safe, fast and effective even in below freezing temperatures.TAGAWAY® the world’s best graffiti remover works fast! Simply spray on unsightly graffiti markings and wipe away.TAGAWAY® graffiti remover is non-flammable and V.O.C. compliant.


  • Works on Smooth Surfaces, Lockers. Trash Bins, Street Signs, Painted Masonry, Postal Boxes, and many other surfaces!
  • Removes Spray Paint, Markers, Inks, Crayon, and more!


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