Graffiti Removers

TAGAWAY® and TAGINATOR® the Best Graffiti Removers Preferred by School Districts, Municipalities, Public Works Departments, Parcel Post Companies, Housing Authorities, Highway Authorities, Mass Transit Authorities, Trucking Companies and Contractors.


TAGINATOR® graffiti remover for MASONRY surfaces is a biodegradable liquid that eliminates the toughest graffiti paints.

TAGINATOR® quickly dissolves multi layered aerosol paint sprays, high temperature engine paints, acrylics, latex and more.

Simply spray apply by quart trigger or with our special pump up TAGSPRAYER® to penetrates porous brick, cinder block, concrete, granite, marble, slate, terra cotta and more for easy removal with a hot or cold pressure water rinse.

TAGINATOR® works in all climates hot and cold and rain water soaked surfaces.


  • Works on Brick, Cinder Block, Slate, Marble, Granite, Stucco, Terra Cotta, and many other surfaces!
  • Removes Spray Paint, Latex Paint, Enamel Paint, Lacquer, and more!


TAGAWAY® graffiti remover for PAINTED & SMOOTH SURFACES is a biodegradable liquid that wipes away the toughest ink markings and graffiti paints.

TAGAWAY® quickly dissolves and removes enamel paint sprays, lacquers, permanent marker inks, and adhesives.

Simply spray apply by quart trigger onto school lockers, white boards, public washrooms, trucks buses & trains, garage doors, trash bins, vending machines and more.

TAGAWAY® works fast! It is also effective in below freezing temperatures.


  • Works on Smooth Surfaces, Lockers. Trash Bins, Street Signs, Painted Masonry, Postal Boxes, and many other surfaces!
  • Removes Spray Paint, Markers, Inks, Crayon, and more!


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