Waste Oil Heaters

CleanEnergy Waste Oil Heating SystemsWaste Oil Heating solutions are a natural fit for Cincinnati Automotive Dealerships, Trucking Companies, and all sorts of Agricultural businesses that generate large amounts of used oil products. You can mix crankcase oil, waste oil, #2 heating oil, transmission oil, or hydraulic oil together in your waste oil furnace to create heat for your business. We sell and support CleanEnergy’s full line of waste oil heaters and boilers.

CleanEnergy Product Line

Why CleanEnergy Waste Oil Heaters

  • Stainless steel heat exchanger – Eliminates rust
  • Longer intervals between Servicing – Vertical flue tubes (1,000+ hours)
  • More Heat – High velocity air swept heat exchanger
  • Easy Cleaning – Over center latches on doors
  • Easy to Install –  Metering pump that is pre-assembled, vacuum-tested
  • Reliable Operation – Digital, programmable burner control

CleanEnergy Heating Systems researches, tests, and pushes the limits of technology. They build high-quality waste oil furnaces that will save you money. Their waste oil furnaces are more innovative, more efficient and easier to service than any other. And they even heat up your bottom line by taking used oil products out of your waste stream and turning them into clean, safe, FREE heat for your business.
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