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WaterMaze Water Treatment Systems

Pressure Spray is a Distributor of WaterMaze Water Recycling and Wastewater Evaporators

Pressure Spray Inc. sells and supports Water Maze’s full line of water treatment and recycling systems. Water Maze water treatment systems are engineered to meet the clean water demands that many manufacturing and industrial companies face. Federal and state regulations prohibit organizations from discarding their wastewater and wash-water into public sewers and streams in order to protect water reserves and the environment as a whole. To meet these requirements, Water Maze branded solutions are tailored to each customer’s specific wastewater management application using an array of products and advanced technologies.

WaterMaze systems perform the following applications…


All water treatment systems should include adequate water pre-treatment prior to introducing industrial wastewater to additional filtration systems. Depending on water conditions, it may require removing heavy solids or free-floating oils, or simply adjusting the water pH.

Oil/Water Separation

Oil-water separators and filters are applied to applications where oils are buoyant and floating on the surface. The physical characteristics of the influent oil/water wastewater or sewage mixture will determine which method of treatment and separation will best meet the requirements for the job.

Mechanical Filtration

Mechanical wastewater filtration systems are designed to remove suspended solids from water. It is important to confirm the water quality requirements for the intended water use and select a system that removes enough of the particles.


Coagulation and flocculation helps to remove suspended particles or emulsified oils from water. When combined with other technologies, it can produce exceptional water quality with minimal maintenance and successfully treat a broad range of waste streams.


Living microbes are applied to help break down organic carbon-based molecules, rendering the organic compounds into harmless carbon dioxide and water. Bioremediation can be a user-friendly and cost-effective method for treating certain types of water.


Water volume reduction using Water Maze’s industrial evaporation technology can translate into major cost savings and a quick return on investment for the purchase of the equipment when compared with the high costs associated with off-site disposal of water.

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