Selecting the Right Pressure Washer and Washing Habits Is a Big Part Of Bio-Security For Pig Farms…

Bio-security of pigs at the farm level is the set of practical measures taken to prevent entrance of infection into a pig farm and control the spread of infection within that farm. The goal of a bio security program is to keep out pathogens that the herd has not been exposed to and to minimize the impact of endemic pathogens. Pig farm security can be defined as the planning and implementation of a program to minimize various types of risk that can have detrimental effects on the farmstead and pigs. Properly cleaning and sanitizing with pressure washing equipment are essential parts of the bio-security plan.

Bio-security Measures Are The Primary Focus of Preventing Any Disease

Procedures associated with a good bio-security plan include barn and transportation, and sanitation. Farms need policies for the entrance of workers and visitors, rodent control, and cleaning. Cleaning everything thoroughly with hot, soapy water and when possible through a pressure wash is preferable. Thorough cleaning of the under-surfaces of equipment is a must. If possible, removable equipment should be taken out and pressure washed separately. Farms will need to clean and disinfect any equipment that has been used on sick animals prior to use with other healthy herd mates.

How Diseases Are Transmitted

An occurrence of an animal disease in U.S. swine herds would devastate the pork industry; left undetected and unaddressed, all exports would be halted, driving prices down by 40-50 percent. One of the most important steps in preventing disease transmitted is understanding how disease is transmitted on a pig farm. Diseases are caused by pathogens and pathogens can be parasitic, bacterial, or viral. Good security and bio-security practices are critical for protecting farms from foreign animal disease. The diseases can be transmitted in many ways, including from other farms. Like people, pigs can carry diseases and illnesses that are very harmful to their health.

Transportation Is One Of The Biggest Causes Of Transmitting Diseases

Swine diseases are a concern for nearly every pork producer, regardless of size of operation. A disease outbreak can be economically devastating to a swine operation. It is important that people involved with pork production understand how swine diseases are spread and how people can influence the spread of diseases among pigs and farms. Viruses, Bacteria and Parasites are capable of surviving in many materials and under many condition. They can be transported in manure, feed, mud, snow, shavings and many materials. So beware of improper transport practices. Mark sure to pressure wash trailers, boots, sort panels, clothing, tires, and undercarriages… anything that is taken from one area to another could cause the spread of disease. Pressure washing these items can
be essential and will help to keep your pig farm safer and more profitable.

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Pressure Spray Inc. (PSI) has been serving the farming industry in Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and Southeastern Indiana for over 30 years. Within the farming industry, we are widely recognized for our high-quality products and reliable, efficient, and consistent customer service. Our seasoned staff know the farming industry inside and out and are trained to match your cleaning needs with the most ideal cleaning equipment available on the market.
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