The Differences of Cold Water and Hot Water Pressure Washers. Discover Which is Right for You…

Cold pressure washers cost much less than most hot water pressure washers.  If money grew on trees everyone would have a hot water pressure washer but their are some jobs that don’t need the hot water as much. Using a cold water pressure washer is sometimes enough for cleaning cars, removing dirt buildup, or debris from exterior walls and walkways, etc. 

Have You Ever Washed Your Dishes Using Cold Water?

Have you ever left a plate spaghetti in the sink overnight? When you go to soak or clean the dishes, would you use hot or cold water? You use hot water because it contains faster-moving molecules that make it easier to separate the spaghetti and the sauce from the plate. When you use a hot water pressure washer to clean your equipment or some other job, at a certain temperature the molecules kick into overdrive and move away from one another. That’s when the temperature of water your using matters and starts working for you in addition to the pressure the machine is already providing.

Why Hot Water Pressure Washers Are More Expensive

Hot water pressure washers require a heating mechanism and burning mechanism that increases the cost of the machine, along with expensive copper tubing used to run the water over the heat. These materials and the added design and manufacturing time they take to build, raises the cost of Hot Water Pressure Washers.

Bottom Line: Do  you need a high powered cleaning machine or a light duty machine?

Tell us what you are wanting to clean on a regular basis and we’ll give you suggestions on the right pressure washer to buy for the job!

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