Landa Pressure Washer Trailers Are a Great Mobile Cleaning Solution…

Our custom-mounted pressure washer trailers allow a single or dual-axle trailer to be paired with a self-contained gas or diesel-powered hot water pressure washer. A broad range of optional accessories, including hose reels and chrome coverings, can be added to improve your workflow and make your job easier. Landa pressure washer trailer models are certified [Read More…]

Spotlight on the Landa ECOS Mobile Wash/Reclaim System

The ECOS is an environmentally-friendly mobile wash and reclaim system that combines a hot water pressure washing system with an integrated wastewater recovery and filtration system on a tandem-axle trailer. With this system, the wash water can be recycled and reused to reduce fresh water usage or discharged to the sewer—pending environmental regulations. Specifications 4.7 [Read More…]