The 7 Top Uses For a Power Washer Around Your Home or Business…

A pressure or power washer lets you clean spots and spaces you once thought were impossible to get. If you are on the fence about investing in a power washer, or you already use one, you might not know all of its best uses. A power washer can make your life easier and cleaner in many different ways. The following are the many power washer uses you need to know about…

Clean Fences

Scrubbing down your fence by hand is such a long task that many simply don’t try. Have you cleaned your fence? If so, would it be easier if a machine blasting warm water and cleaning material did it for you? Cleaning your fence might be one of the easiest power washers uses, but that does not mean it isn’t effective. Soon, your fence will lose the dirt and find its color once again. Fence repair, surprisingly, is another of the important power washer uses. Before any repairs can be done to your fence, particularly if it’s wooden, you need to clean it down very well and using your power washer is the best way to achieve that cleanliness.

Wash Commercial Properties

The appearance of your commercial building has a major impact on how a customer views your business. It is a very good idea to power wash the exterior of your commercial building. More common scenarios arise all the time. Mold and moss, for example, can also build up in different areas of your building. A power washer lets you clean anything from a few feet away. That means you can eliminate mold and mildew from your business in a few sanitary seconds.

Wash Patios and Walkways

Grime and contaminants build up on patios and walkways over time and can take a severe toll on these surfaces. Power washing will clean them more thoroughly than traditional methods such as hand scrubbing.

Wash Decks

You should consider spending a little more time on the deck. Used correctly, a power washer can reveal colors you haven’t seen in years. A deck left unclean or poorly cleaned can allow mold and mildew to build up, which can lead to rot. Down the road, replacing a rotten deck is a whole lot more costly than investing in a power cleaner. If you plan to repaint or stain your deck, power washing before the paint or stain is a great idea.

Wash Roof

DO NOT PRESSURE WASH. USE A SOFT WASH TECHNIQUE WITH PRESSURE WASHER. While it is not advised to clean a roof with high pressure, the safer roof treatment is essential for maintaining the integrity of shingles. Washing the roof involves what is called a soft wash technique. A soft wash relies on low-pressure water to rinse dirt away, and specialized detergents treat for algae, moss and lichens, and other harmful organisms.

Clean Concrete

While power washing is ineffective for oil or rust stains alone, it will work wonders for the common contaminants like dirt grime and other contaminants that permeate the surface causing unattractive stains. Other soaps and degreaser products can be use with your pressure washer to remove stains. It is advisable to seal your driveway and other concrete surfaces following the wash. A penetrating sealer soaks into the concrete, strengthening it from within, and creating an invisible layer of defenses against excess moisture. Moisture is problematic for concrete. 

Wash Vinyl Siding

Washing your house is the number one use for a power washer. Power washing the exterior of a home is the most thorough, timely, and cost-effective way to clean your house. Airborne Algae not only lands on roofs but also finds it way around a home especially on the north side. Pressure washers are easy to operate and are perfectly safe for cleaning your siding, The trick is to use lower water pressure so the water doesn’t get behind your siding or damage the surface.

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