Tips for Business Owners – Why Keeping Your Parking Lot Clean is Good for Business

clean parking lotMost business owners don’t spend enough time thinking about their parking lots. But most business owners with parking lots should know that dirty parking lots and poorly maintained parking lots can create serious problems and risks for their employees and customers. Parking lots can get heavy traffic and the people using them sometimes think the parking lot is their own personal trash can. Add this garbage problem to the inevitable oil leaks that you get from their from cars and your parking lot problem can get out of control quickly. An unkempt parking lot will reflect bad on your business but if people start falling or tripping in your parking lot, you may be just a couple of legal suits away from going out of business! 

What You Need to Do to Keep Your Parking Safe

  • Remove all trash and debris from the lot on a regular basis
  • Regularly power wash the lot to get rid of most of the grit and grime that build up over time.

A Clean Parking Lot Matters

  • It prevents the business owner from an liability
  • Give the customer a good experience and helps build your image
  • Helps with employee morale
  • Shows you care about the neighborhood you serve

How to Pressure Wash Your Parking Lot

You’ll need the right kind of washing detergent and a warm water pressure washer. A pressure washer distributor can help you pick the right machine for your lot and supply you with the right washing detergent to get the job done. Make sure you work with your parking lot’s slope to allow for proper drainage. Allow your detergent to work on the surface for at least 5-10 minutes before you rinse. Your spray nozzle should be set to high and use a 40″ spray tip. Rinse small sections at a time until you rinse the whole lot. Problem areas may need several treatments and more effort.

Pressure Spray, Inc (PSI) can help you select the best pressure washer for your parking lot and supply you with the detergents to get the job done. We can also service your machine to make sure it’s running at its best!

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