How to Remove Graffiti From Metal, Wood, Plastic, and Masonry Surfaces

When graffiti strikes it is best to remove it within in 24-48 hours. Studies show that the best graffiti prevention strategy is immediate removal. Leaving it up also gives vandals the wrong message. Below are some tried and true approaches to getting rid of graffiti but we are very partial to using graffiti removers such as TAGAWAY® and TAGINATOR® and a pressure sprayer. These products are preferred by School Districts, Municipalities, Public Works Departments, Parcel Post Companies, Housing Authorities, Highway Authorities, Mass Transit Authorities, Trucking Companies and Contractors.

Graffiti on Metal Surfaces

  • Try wiping graffiti with any common paint thinner (ie. mineral spirits such as WD40, lacquer thinner, acetone), or try graffiti removal products or wiping graffiti with a light penetrating oil.
  • If graffiti remains, try to remove it by rubbing with steel or bronze wool or light sandpaper.
  • If graffiti still remains, try power-washing it with a 3000psi pressure washer.
  • If these methods do not work, paint over the graffiti.

Graffiti on Wood Surfaces

  • If the wood is not weathered and is sealed with paint, stain or sealer, try to remove it by wiping it with mineral spirits. If the wood is weathered, do not use this technique as the chemicals will be absorbed by the wood, driving the paint further down into the wood.
  • Power-washing with a 3000psi pressure washer can be used but be careful not to drive the paint deeper into the wood.
  • If these methods do not work, paint over the graffiti.

Graffiti on Plastic Surfaces

  • Try wiping graffiti with a light, penetrating oil. Do not use paint thinners as they can soften the plastic and can cause clouding or permanent tackiness of the surface.
  • Use an ultra-fine steel or bronze wool and lightly rub the paint.
  • If these methods do not work, paint over the graffiti.

Graffiti on Masonry Surfaces

  • Use a 3000psi pressure washer (do not use a narrow tip as it will etch the masonry surface leaving an outline of the graffiti).
  • Sand-blasting is another option. Keep the tip moving over the graffiti-painted area to avoid permanently marking the surface.
  • If these methods do not work, paint over the graffiti.

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