Tips On How To Boost Your Results When Pressure Washing Semis, Construction Equipment, Farm Equipment, and Transportation Vehicles

Cincinnati businesses use detergents with their pressure washers when cleaning their fleets because it helps them to achieve better results and saves them time and money. The following are some questions you need to ask yourself before using a detergent with your pressure washer…

Is the Detergent Pressure Washer Approved?

Non-approved cleaning solutions can be bad for the environment and ruin your pressure washer and it’s seals, wands, hoses, pumps, and more.

Is Your Pressure Washer Designed to Automatically Inject Detergents?

If your pressure sprayer isn’t already equipped with the downstream chemical injector, the detergent will need to be applied using low pressure so that the detergent can adhere and clean the surface better.

Types of Detergents for Pressure Washing Semi Trucks and Trailers, Construction Equipment, Farm Equipment, Buses, Trains and Most Commercial Transportation Vehicles

Most pressure washer detergent blends contain an exclusive multi-metal corrosion inhibitor package designed so that the detergent protects your equipment as well as prevents flash rusting while cleaning. The detergents are also biodegradable with each including a special additive to prevent scale build up. These following products are designed specifically for use on semi trucks and trailers, construction equipment, farm equipment, buses, trains and most commercial transportation vehicles. These products are not designed to be used on automobiles.

  • Fleet Wash Detergent is a mild detergent designed for exterior cleaning of trucks, buses, equipment and implements. This special emulsifying formula contains high-powered cleaning agents that are effective on grease, road film and smoke trails. It is excellent as a pre-spray for cleaning engines, whitewall tires and vinyl and metal tops. Fleet Wash Detergent is phosphate-free and outperforms most competitive phosphate products. It is safe to use through a pressure washer. Fleet Wash Detergent can be used on polished aluminum, stainless steel, glass, plastic, and painted surfaces.
  • Heavy Equipment Detergent is an effective, safe detergent that can be used on any surface. It is excellent as a pre-spray for softening and breaking up dried on or baked on soils like mud, bugs, greasy film, diesel fuel, lubricants. Excellent foaming capability. It is safe to use through a pressure washer and can be used on polished aluminum, stainless steel, glass, plastic, paint. Heavy Equipment Detergent is phosphate-free and outperforms most competitive phosphate products. It is safe to use through a pressure washer and can be used on polished aluminum, stain­less steel, glass, plastic, paint as well as fine auto­motive finishes.
  • Fleet Wash Solvent Detergent adds the cleaning properties of solvents to boost cleaning capability in order to remove heavy, petroleum-based soils. Citrus-based solvent helps break down these tough soils for fast, efficient removal, saving time and energy. It has the ability to penetrate and break down baked-on hydrocarbon-based soils, like exhaust trails and carbonized grease, yet is safe on most surfaces.
  • Fleet Aluminum Brightener is an extra-strength, acid-based, aluminum cleaner and brightener designed for non-polished aluminum tanks and trailers, aluminum wheels and for preparing aluminum for painting. Not to be used on glass, polished aluminum or anodized aluminum. Fleet Aluminum Brightener is effective in removing grease, oils, baked-on carbon and diesel smoke. This formula is non foaming.
  • Fleet Trailer Cleaner is a concentrated, non-etching, acid-based detergent formulated to quickly penetrate and remove grease, grime, dirt, road film and welding smut from polished aluminum and stainless steel surfaces. It shines aluminum and stainless by removing the oxidation that makes those surfaces dull looking.
  • Fleet Degreaser is a highly concentrated degreaser designed for petroleum based soils like heavy deposits of oil, grease and dirt as well as axle or fifth-wheel grease, hydraulic oils and diesel smoke stains. Fleet Degreaser is formulated to pass through a pressure washer without damaging the high-pressure pump and is, therefore, safe to use through a pressure washer. It is also safe to use on aluminum, stainless steel, glass, plastic, painted surfaces. Fleet Degreaser is phosphate-free and outperforms competitive phosphate formula products.
  • Fleet Interior Tank Cleaner is a highly concentrated and effective cleaner for the interior of tanks and vessels. Interior tank cleaning may or may not be accessible for manual brushing/scraping. This powerful formula can cut through many layers of soil with high pressure washing and soaking, eliminating the need to enter the tank. It is extremely effective in removing the most difficult-to-clean oil, grease and hydrocarbon-based deposits. It cuts grease, grime, oil, burnt carbon. Do not use on aluminum, magnesium, galvanized metal or fine painted surfaces. It is safe to use through a pressure washer and does not damage the high-pressure pump. This formula is phosphate-free and outperforms most competitive phosphate products.
  • Fleet Machine and Heavy Equipment Degreaser is an extra-strong cleaner and degreaser that is ideal for cleaning heavy equipment, over-the road vehicles and off-road machinery. It is especially effective cleaning exhaust stains, road grime and heavy deposits of dirt and oil. This specially formulated detergent is phosphate-free and outperforms competitive phosphate products. This powerful formula is not recommended for use on fine auto finishes, aluminum, magnesium and galvanized metal.
  • Concrete Remover effectively removes concrete splatters and deposits form construction vehicles, equipment, tools and commercial surfaces. Not intended for use on fine automotive finishes. Always pre-test undiluted product in an inconspicuous area, to determine safety and suitability for the intended use.
  • Salt and Ice Melt Remover is a combination detergent that removes heavy soil as well as all types of damaging road salt residue. Salt and Ice Melt Remover’s unique chelating action breaks down the crystalline structure of ice melt salt and prevents it from crystallizing back on the surface so it can be easily rinsed away with the rest of the dirt. Effective on fine automotive finishes as well as construction equipment, trucks and fleet vehicles.

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