Tips on Using Chemicals With Your Pressure Washer To Stay Safe and Efficient

Pressure Washer ChemicalsHere are 4 tips for using chemicals with your pressure washer.  These tips will help you get the job done smarter, better, faster and wiser!

How to Properly Mix Pressure Washer Chemicals

When using water-soluble chemicals with your pressure washer, make sure to allow enough time for them to completely dissolve before starting the chemical injector. If you are having a problem dissolving the chemicals try some hot water.  Make sure to let the hot water cool before using you pressure washer though because some hoses aren’t rated to work at hotter temperatures.

Cover Your Skin and Eyes When Using Pressure Washer Chemicals

pH is the standard of measurement for the acidity and alkalinity of substances. The pH of human skin is 5, while water is 7, and most pressure washer chemicals are 11 or higher. Since,the chemicals have such a high pH level they can damage your skin, so make sure to wear gloves. Remember not with get the chemicals in your eyes or any other sensitive part of your body.

Electronic Descalers Help Chemicals Stay Effective

Hard water makes pressure washer chemicals less effective and the buildup of minerals in your equipment which shorten it’s usable life. Commercial water softeners can create brine waste which can bring on large fines in certain areas, so electronic descalers using two electromagnetic coils wrapped around your water pipes is your best best to soften your water. The electronic descaler changes the makeup of tap water on a molecular level so minerals won’t decrease the life of your machine or the effectiveness of your chemicals.

Injecting Two Chemicals at the Same Time

Some cleaning jobs require multiple chemicals to get the job done but don’t put them together in the tank because the can cause a chemical reaction. Some chemical reactions cause explosions!  It can produce a chemical reaction and damage the pressure washer chemical injector, or even worse, it can cause an explosion and injury. When 2 chemicals are needed, it’s best to install a separate pressure washer chemical injector for each chemical and set them up to run in a series.

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