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Ensuring that the college or university is well maintained is not only conducive to productivity, it also increases the likelihood of attracting more students. It is the campus tour that could make or break an accepted applicant’s decision to actually attend. There are many factors involved when choosing a school… academics, athletics, activities, and affordability. But- there’s one more… appearance! The importance of investing in a regular cleaning schedule on college campuses is sometimes overlooked by procurement managers and getting the right pressure washing and cleaning equipment is a challenge. Keeping the pressure washing and cleaning equipment running efficiently is very important to keeping your buildings and grounds looking their best. 

Cleaning Buildings

A pressure washer consists of a motor, either gas or electric, connected to a high-pressure pump that draws water from a reservoir and pushes it out under pressure exceeding 2,000 pounds per square inch through a hose tipped with a metal wand and nozzle. Pressure washing with an appropriate cleaning detergent is a safe and effective way to clean dirt, grime and mildew from the exteriors of campuses building of all types, from all eras and all materials. Some have gothic mansions, and some are just brick and mortar. Some contain historic landmarks, and others contain new buildings of modern architectural wizardry. Pressure washing these building will keep them the admirable structures they are. Cleaning the buildings once per year will keep them in noble shape!

Parking Lot Pressure Washing

The first place people go to when they visit a campus is the parking lot. Parking lots can attract a host of debris – everything from discarded gum to cigarettes, oil drips from vehicles and stains from spilled coffee and food. When your parking lot doesn’t look well maintained, your campus doesn’t look well maintained either. There are many types of lots as well: Dorm students, faculty/staff, visitors and commuters. You can imagine which of those needs to be cleaned most often. Pressure washing the lots for the return of students each semester is a good timeline.

Sport Fields and Courts Washing

Tennis Courts have growth of things like mildew, mold and algae which can make a court slippery. A slippery court means slip and fall hazards. Keep your court clean and safe by power cleaning it often. Basketball courts, much like a parking lot, can get filled black spots caused by stomped in chewing gum. Plus, with so many active feet, there could be a build up of things that a normal hose-off couldn’t get rid of. Bleacher- baseball / soccer fields can be a haven for scum buildup. Imagine all the caked up ketchup from hotdog mishaps and dried up ice cream from cone droppings. Cleaning bleacher with the pressure washer once or twice a season can keep these clean, and the home team cheering! Most colleges have some kind of sporting activity. Those facilities need tending to. When the alumni return for homecoming weekend, they want their alma mater to shine.

Walkways and Benches Cleaning

Walkways, much like sidewalks found in front of shopping centers, can quickly become marred with walking traffic patterns among other debris. Keeping the campus grounds clean and organized is a lot easier with pressure cleaning of the walkways and benches to keep the grounds bright and vibrant. Students are pretty respectful. They take the sidewalk to and from class, rather than the shortcut through the grass. Pressure washing the sidewalks and paths that connect the buildings is a great way to make the walk through campus a beautiful one. Pay special attention to entrance ways, where the path opens up to doors. This may be the area with the most litter, debris and build-up.

Preparing for Paint

Many large colleges are actually on a constant rotating schedule to repaint their buildings. While there are many invaluable advantages to cleaning the exterior before painting it, one thing should be made very clear: A clean exterior will make paint last longer. The paint will apply fine to a dirty exterior. It will adhere. It will look good. It just won’t last. By painting a dirty exterior you seriously shorten the paint’s lifespan.
Pressure washing can be used to prepare these building for their new paint jobs. Since painting is ongoing, pressure washing can be an ongoing job too. Major in pressure washing and see your campus become more clean and inviting.

Pressure Spray can help Facilities Mangers select the right pressure washing equipment for their needs. We can maintain and repair your power washing equipment to keep it running it’s best.

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