What is the Green Stuff On My Siding? How Did It Get There and How Do I Remove It?…

Algae may appear green or brown and will stay damp on your siding. Algae growth is more than an eyesore. It is actually airborne algae that can cause long-term damage to the surface. Algae may grow due to dirt and dust attached to your siding. The following will explain what this green stuff is, how it got there, where it is typically found on a home, and how to remove it….

I Have Green Stuff On My Siding… Now What?

No siding material is entirely maintenance-free. If vinyl shows green discoloration or staining, typically a few things are responsible. Following these steps will help you get rid of it quickly…

  • Research power washing companies and the processes they use
  • Assess the problem areas
  • Hire a reputable company to wash the siding

Soft washing is a cleaning method using low pressure and specialized solutions to safely remove algae and other organic stains from your siding. It is so named to differentiate the method from power washing.

What Happens If I Ignore the Algae?

Truthfully algae will not structurally harm the service of your siding however it is…

  • It’s Unsightly – Homeowners naturally want a beautiful home that looks great from the curb. Algae and mildew create stains that look unattractive.
  • It’s Unhealthy – Algae can produce toxins, which is why an algae-covered lake may be closed to the public. And mildew can cause allergic reactions and skin irritations.
  • It’s a Warning Sign – While the growth of algae and mildew doesn’t automatically mean there’s a problem, it can mean that your home is trapping moisture underneath the siding. This is an issue with homes that don’t have a proper weather barrier installed underneath the siding — which is common in older homes as well as homes where the siding was not properly installed

Where Did the Algae Come From?

It is difficult to pinpoint the origin of airborne algae as it varies for region to region. To put it simply, algae and mildew both grow in areas that are damp and organic. So, wood siding — because it’s organic — will be especially susceptible to this issue. But other forms of siding are not necessarily immune. While vinyl and fiber cement are not organic substances, they can both accumulate dust, dirt, and other small specks of natural materials. Those sticky drops that you find on your car at certain times of the year? They consist of tree sugars and sap. They can land on your vinyl and fiber cement siding. Algae and mildew can form on those small specks of tree sap and sugar.

Does Sunlight Make a Difference?

Yes, the northside fo your home gets less sunlight than the other sides and will be more sustainable to algae. Algae and mold form more easily in darker conditions and moisture. If untreated the algae will widen its coverage on your home.

How Often Should I Have My Siding Soft Washed?

The best way to keep your siding protected from algae growth is wash it on a yearly basis. Soft washing is effective, is an easy method, and can clean vinyl siding in very little time. The efficiency and relative affordability make it highly desirable. It is particularly useful to get rid of stains and mold. Be careful not to use too much pressure though because it may crack the siding. Wrong angles or voluminous supply of water can also damage the structure on which vinyl siding has been installed. 

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