What to Think About Before Buying a Waste Oil Furnace – Does it Make Sense for Your Cincinnati Business?

Most auto dealerships, trucking companies, and agricultural business owners already know that investing in a waste oil furnace will help their bottom lines and the environment but they really need to think about how to configure their waste oil furnace before buying one!

Which Parts of Your Facility Do You Want to Heat With Your Waste Oil Furnace?

Knowing where you want the heat will allow you to run ductwork to the right location(s).

Where Will the Chimney Go?

Make sure to know local building codes.  Some codes require that your chimney be placed on an exterior wall or mounted through the roof.

Where Will the Oil Be Stored?

Should the oil tank be outside of your building, inside of your building, or in a waste oil heating center that is specifically designed to hold oil for burning.

Pressure Spray, Inc. can help you configure your Waste Oil Heater, to insure that you get the most heat and efficiency out of your investment! Pressure Spray, Inc. is an authorized reseller of Clean Energy Heating Systems. 

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CleanEnergy Waste Oil Heating SystemsAbout Clean Energy Systems

Pressure Spray, Inc. is an authorized reseller of Clean Energy Heating Systems. Clean Energy’s waste oil furnaces are more innovative, more efficient and easier to service than any other. And they even heat up your bottom line by taking used oil products out of your waste stream and turning them into clean, safe, FREE heat for your business. Clean Energy Heating Systems stay up to date with the most cutting-edge technologies like robotic welding that builds their furnaces quicker and more efficiently.

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